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Alabama & Birmingham History


In 1964 . . .
[courtesy Chip Sanders '64]

Average new house cost $13,050
Average income per year was $6,000
Gas per gallon cost 30¢
Average new car cost $3,500
Loaf of bread cost 21¢
U.S. postage stamp cost 5¢
Average monthly rent was $115
Movie ticket cost $1.25
Sony introduces the Betamax Video Recorder
Oct. 27th Albert DeSalvo is arrested and later
  confesses to being the Boston Strangler
1964-65 Ford Mustang introduced
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr received the
  the Nobel Peace Prize
1964 Presidential Election - President Lyndon B.
  Johnson (D) defeats Barry Goldwater (R)
Civil Rights Act of 1964 enacted


World Series:
  St. Louis Cardinals d. NY Yankees (4-3)
NBA Championship:
   Boston d. SF Warriors (4-1)
  Women: Maria Bueno d. M. Smith
  (6-4 7-9 6-3)
  Men: Roy Emerson d. F. Stolle
  (6-4 12-10 4-6 6-3)
Kentucky Derby Champion:
  Northern Dancer
NCAA Basketball Championship:
   UCLA d. Duke (98-83)
NCAA Football Champions:
   Alabama (AP, UPI), (10-1-0)

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The Beatles: I Wanta Hold Your Hand
Roy Orbison: Pretty Woman
The Animals: House of the Rising Sun
The Beatles: A Hard Days Night
The Beatles: I Feel Fine

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