60th Reunion - The Cahaba Brewing Company - Saturday, April 26, 2024

Dear Classmates and Friends,

We hope all of you had as much fun at our 60th Reunion as we did! Thank you for being there!!!!! We really missed those of you who were unable to come, and send you our best wishes! We had a really wonderful time reliving high school days, and making friends with those we didn't know back then!!!

We are collecting all the photos we can, to share with everyone in our class. If you took photos at the Reunion, PLEASE SEND THEM WITH US via email to Lynne Epsman Cohen, at Thanks so much!

Love to all,

Your 60th Reunion Committee
Carleton Lackey Sokol, Mark Cohen, Elna Riley Brendel, Ann Rosenberger, Kenny Rosenberger, Lynne Epsman Cohen, Bruce Sokol, Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Paul Friedman, Jr., Susan Owens Canedy, Suzanne Trimm Payne, Virginia Kelser Jones and Walter Schor

flyer We had 80 paid reservations for classmates along with 47 paid reservations for spouses and guests. Not everyone attended who had paid.

Paid Reservations by Classmates:

Judy Anderson Winn, Laura Ardillo Este, Joe Benson, Sue Betros Graphos, Barbara Bressler Sokol, Jean Burger, Barbara Burns Merrill, Jim Burton, Susan Casaday Stutts, Rose Clark Koch, Bobby Douglass, Wynn Echols, Lynne Epsman Cohen, Barbara Erdreich Fine, Patty Ferguson Echols, Lynn Fesperman Wingfield, Linda Flowers Trammell, Steve Foote, Paul Friedman, Ron Gambill, George Gammill, Martin Green, William (Bill) Hamilton, Susan Hanna Hall, Jay Hardwick, Jim Hatfield, Carol Haynes Lawson, Janelle Henley Whetstone, Gene Holloway, Mike House, Jim Hutto, Homer Jamison, Mike Jeanes, Pat Jeanes Potter, John Jenkins, Virginia Kelser Jones, Carleton Lackey Sokol, Jan Lloyd, Julia Mariani Woodruff, Tommy McCulley, Carolyn McDavid Ray, Ben McGimsey, Bob McMasters (SJ Khalsa), Allen Meadows, Tommy Moody, Brad Morris, Charles Murrell, Sandi Myers Rives, Kenny Nelson, Susan Owens Canedy, Clark Paris, Pat Payne, Elna Riley Brendel, Billy Roedder, John Rogers, Barbara Scruggs Estes, Stephen Shabel, Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Rick Sexton, Walter Shor, Jane Soloman Davis, Ann Stern Goldstein, Judy Steward Thurman, Sig Symms, Suzanne Trimm Payne, Cecil Varner, Mary Ann Wadley Majerik, Jim Waitzman, Steve Wallace, Julia Wiley Westerfield, Julie Welch Meadows and Bill Wilcox.

Most of the photos so far in this section are courtesy of 6Oth Reunion Committee.

When we get more photos from class members who attended the event, they will be added here.

Everyone, please send your photos from our 60 Reunion Celebration to Lynne Epsman cohen at and we'll add the here. Please do not email large images or a lot of images in one email. 800 pixels wide is the best size for our website slideshow. Please include the names of the persons in your photographs.


Photos from The Cahaba Brewing Company, Saturday, April 26, 2024

The 2024 SVHS 1964 Reunion Committee
Virginia Kelser Jones, Kenny Rosenberger, Suzanne Trimm Payne, Lynn Gregory Letson,
Paul Friedman, Carleton Lackey Sokol, Elna Riley Brendel, Susan Owens Canedy,
Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, and Lynne Epsman Cohen (Not pictured: Walter Schor)



3 - Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Charles Caldwell

4 - Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Charles Caldwell

5 - Tommy McCulley, Tommy Roberts, Bill Meadows

6 - Lynn Gregory Letson, Paul Friedman, Jr., Carol Waitzman

7 - S. J. Khalsa (Bob McMasters), Suzanne Trimm Payne

8 - Suzanne Trimm Payne, Kenny Rosenberger, Ann Rosenberger

9 - Barbara Bresler Sokol, Steve Winn, Judy Anderson Winn

10 - Julia Wiley Westerfield, Homer Jamison, Kristina Hagen

11 - Nancy Schabel, Stephen Schabel, Bill Wilcox, Shirley Wilcox

12 - Steve Anderson, Judy Anderson Winn, Judy Steward Thurman, Fred Thurman

13 - Lynne Epsman Cohen, Mark Cohen, Suzanne Trimm Payne, Jack Payne

14 - Judy Anderson Winn, Barbara Bressler Sokol, Judy Steward Thurman

15 - Walter Schor, S. J. Khalsa (Bob McMasters), Sig Symms

Photos at Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell's Home on Friday, April 5, 2024

16 - Pauline Holloway, Gene Holloway

17 - Virginia Kelser Jones, Mark Cohen, Jack Payne, ??

18 - Steve Anderson, Judy Anderson Winn, Ann Rosenberger

19 - Suzanne Trimm Payne, Homer Jamison

20 - Carleton Lackey Sokol

21 - Barbara Bressler Sokol, Lynne Epsman Cohen

22 - S. J. Khalsa (Bob McMasters), Tommy Moody, Kenny Nelson

23 - Paul Friedman, Jr., Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Suzanne Trimm Payne, Homer Jamison

24 - Barbara Bressler Sokol, Lynn Gregory Letson

25 - Carleton Lackey Sokol, Mark Cohen

26 - Judy Steward Thurman, Lynne Epsman Cohen, Judy Anderson Winn

27 - Elna Riley Brendel, Susan Owens Canedy, Judy Anderson Winn

28 - Carolyn Ruffin Leard, Judy Anderson Winn, Virginia Kelser Jones

29 - S. J. Khalsa (Bob McMasters), Barbara Bressler Sokol,
Judy Steward Thurman, Judy Anderson Winn

30 - Walter Schor, Elna Riley Brendel, Virginia Kelser Jones

31 - Virginia Kelser Jones

32 - Susan Owens Canedy, Paul Friedman, Cathy Friedman, Tommy Moody

33 - Lynne Epsman Cohen, Susan Owens Canedy, Tommy Moody, Carolyn Ruffin Leard,
Kenny Nelson, Walter Schor, Gene Holloway, Karen Hatfield, Pauline Holloway, Jimmy Hatfield

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